My Disappearance

I took a little break from writing these past couple of months. Not because I fell out of touch with it, but because I found myself focussing on a new bundle of joy that needed me. It wasn’t planned. It all happened spontaneously. I have learned that life can be unpredictable sometimes (in a good way) – we can just take a look at the news to learn that.

These past couple of months, I have been focussing on Zeena – my now 5-month old puppy. I welcomed her at 8 weeks old, during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. I think she knew I needed her more than ever. I took some time out from my little creative side hustle to raise her – to make sure all my waking moments were spent on her. I did everything to ensure she had the best upbringing I could offer.

She has been the best thing in my life for a long time. She became my reason to wake up in the morning because I knew she needed to be let out and be fed. She was the reason why I went out everyday (something I lacked motivation to do voluntarily for a while) because I knew how important it is that she’s exercised. She became my reason to live and for that I love her, forever.

I wanted to make this post just to explain my disappearance – I am here and reading Medium stories when I have some time on my hands. Going forward I will be making an effort to be active now.

My little puppy is growing up and I would love to share it with you all going forward :) Here are some pictures for you to enjoy



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