A poem

Photo by MuiZur on Unsplash

It would be a lie
If I said I did not miss you
I know when I last wrote
In July
I promised that would be the last time
I would remember you.

I find it hard
To forget, when everything I see, touch and hear
Resembles you.
I cannot shake you
From my head.
Tell me, how could I forget the best?

It is sad
That I still live in the past
And my only friend
Is the ghost of you
That I keep.

When I look high
These purple skies
Remind me of the lust and lies
That you tried to hide —
the perfume scent was not mine.
But, neither good or bad
Any memory of you, I will have
Because when the days were good
They were the best days I think, I will ever have.
And, despite it all
I miss you the most
I could never bad-mouth a man I still love.
I will carry my heart in my hand for the years to come.



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